Our Story

Parisa Beauty was founded by Parisa Genaveh in 2016. The now recognized and acclaimed Filter Foundation started back then as a clinical foundation to be used for skin that had been operated on.

Regular Foundation would damage the skin and irritate it, causing inflammation after surgical procedure. From there, Parisa developed through trial and error and clinical testing, a Filter Foundation that could serve as both a protector of the skin & have that luxury feeling that Parisa Beauty now provides.

When the use cases of the Filter Foundation grew larger and more clinics reached out to Parisa, that's when the brand started.

And thus, Parisa Beauty was born.

With its clinical testing, Parisa Beauty is now on pace to become the safest option for women of all skin types, with 0 cases of any complication throughout its existence. When you want protection of the skin and the safe option, choose Parisa Beauty.

We believe in empowering women.
Women of all colors.
Women with all skin types.
Women with damaged skin.

We believe that all women deserve a clinically tested option. A product created, produced and made, in Sweden. Parisa Beauty believes that all women deserve to feel beautiful.

A clinically safe Filter Foundation.
By beauty clinics, for beauty clinics, accessible by everybody.