Our Story

Parisa Beauty is known for its clean products that’s easy to use but with proffesional results every time!

After years of hard work in clinics as an esthetician the founder Parisa wanted to create a innovative product she felt was missing in the market. After years of research, Parisa Beauty was born and the finished collection contains a few baseproducts, all with the same guide line of being dermatologically good for the skin.

The signature product ”Filter Cream Foundation" is a pioneer and can be seen in every makeup artists kit and frequently worn by more and more makeup users. The Filter Cream Foundation has won 2 awards because of its innovative formula and easy way! Its:

* Covering
*Water Proof
*Skin Nourishing
*Contains no toxic ingredients
*Protects as a physical barrier against pollution and free radical damage

Parisa Beauty is founded and produced in Sweden. It is elegance, expertise and quality in one. Our mission is to make the best products thats good for the skin, easy to apply and long-lasting! As icing on the cake our logo keeps all the evil eyes away🧿